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Released June 6, 2021

More than anything astronaut cadet Cassi Requin wants to earn a position in the Alliance Expeditionary Fleet. And she’s almost made it.

But during an interstellar training flight Cassi investigates a distress call, directly disobeying the orders of her instructors. In doing so she leads her crew into a pirate trap, a battle, and a disaster of a crash on the surface of an alien world.

With the only qualified astronauts on board locked in survival stasis, Cassi is promoted into her first command—rank, authority, and responsibility.

Food and water are in short supply. Their spacecraft hull is compromised. Rescue is light years away.

With bloodthirsty pirates in pursuit, Cassi must lead her crew across hostile ground seething with predators to seek the safety of a remote survey outpost that might be their only chance to return home.

What Amazon Reviewers are saying…

“I just finished this amazing book and I loved every chapter.” – Craig

“… this book is non stop action.” – A. Stubbins

“… a fun adventure that keeps you reading right to the end.” – Wendy

“Every chapter left me hanging…” – Amazon Customer

“I ended up lending this book to friends with young teens. Their oldest (age 15) read it in a day! They said they really enjoyed the science in the science fiction and found the characters to be relatable.” – Jessica

“This book delivers. There is tension that never lets up and the concept that danger lurks around every corner- keeps you turning the page. These kids are alone on a hostile planet searching for safety from pirates – both determined to destroy them. There is no reprieve as help is far off. Cassi must use her wits and her team to outsmart and out think her opponents or die trying.”
– Leslie Johnson

Reading Age
12 +

Print Length
249 pages

Science Fiction / Young Adult

Adria Laycraft

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