E-book: A Great Gift Idea!

An e-book makes a great, affordable holiday gift.

Top 7 Reasons to Give an E-book

  1. E-books will help you save money.
    E-books are available for a fraction of the cost of paperbacks, or many other small gifts. Most e-books, particularly those produced by independent authors, cost less than $5.00.
  2. Sharing a book with someone can strengthen your relationship, because reading the same book generates a shared experience that can go much deeper than simply watching a movie together.
  3. No packaging going into the landfill.
  4. E-books can make a great top-up gift.
    Is your Secret Santa gift limit $20, but the scented candles you got were only $15?
    E-books can help round out theme gift packages.
    You could even buy multiple e-books and give your favorite science fiction fan a “sci-fi sampler.”
  5. An e-book is the thought that counts. Gifting a book tells a person that you’ve thought about them, their interests, dreams and aspirations.
  6. You can purchase and send an e-book instantaneously!
    Not sure if your gifts will be delivered by Christmas Day?
    On your way to a party or a family gathering and realize you forgot a gift for someone?
    Someone gives you a gift you weren’t expecting and you want to reciprocate?
    Waited until Dec. 24th and now the stores are closed?
    No problem. With a phone and an internet connection you can get anyone a thoughtful gift in a matter of seconds.
  7. Supporting Independent Authors
    Many authors, particularly in genre fiction, are independent entrepreneurs these days. In most payment models 60 – 70% of the purchase price goes directly to the independent authors.

No Kindle? No Problem!

If you don’t know whether or not the person you’re shopping for has a Kindle or some other e-book specific device… no problem. They can still enjoy your e-book gift.

So long as you have some kind of device… a cell phone, a tablet, a computer… all you have to do is install the free kindle app. In fact it’s right here: free kindle app. Did I mention it’s free?

Still too complicated? Another free solution is the Kindle Cloud Reader. This allows you to access your e-book using a web browser.

Don’t want to go with Kindle? Also not a problem. The free Barnes & Noble Nook app is right here. It’s also quite free.

How to Gift an E-book

You really only need the email address of the person you’re gifting the e-book to.

On Amazon.com

Note that the amazon.com option seems only to be available for US customers.

  1. Navigate to the amazon.com Kindle store and find the e-book you want to give. Make sure the Kindle version of the book is selected. (It’s okay if you still want to purchase a paperback, I won’t tell.)
  2. Click on “Give as a Gift.”

  3. Fill out the recipient’s email address, add in a quick gift message, and select a delivery date.

On Barnes & Noble

This seems to be available as an option for those outside the US.

  1. Navigate to the Barnes & Noble page of the e-book you want to give. Make sure the “nook” version of the book is selected.
  2. Click on “Buy as Gift.”

  3. Fill out the recipient’s email address, add in a quick gift message, and select a delivery date.

What To Say in the Awkward Gift Message Section

There’s no pressure to write anything fancy here. Simple phrases like Merry Christmas! or Happy Holidays! will do. Or there’s my personal favorite: Best enjoyed with copious amounts of dark chocolate.
If you want something a little more thoughtful, try:

I really enjoyed this book when I read it myself. I thought you might enjoy it too.

I know you love science fiction/romance/mystery/etc. novels.

Looking forward to spending more time with you in the New Year. Until then, maybe we can read a few books together.

Remember to take some time for yourself. Relax. And escape into an adventure.