Fractured Command… Out Now!

Astronaut and junior engineering officer Cassi Requin is back for another gripping space adventure.

Fractured Command is a new novel from Charles K James.
Available now.

Spacecraft engineers have one job… make it fly.

When a mysterious spacecraft with alien technology takes her best friend prisoner, junior engineer Cassiopeia Requin will stop at nothing to get her back.

Reassigned to a state-of-the-art deep space cruiser, Cassi and her crew jump on a chance that might be their only opportunity to capture the alien spacecraft. But when they end up in orbit around a black hole, their cruiser is catastrophically damaged, and their chain of command is fractured.

Predators become prey as alien drones close in and cut through the remains of their hull in a desperate fight for working technology. Cassi must improvise, adapt, and use every engineering skill she’s learned to hold both her spacecraft and her team together as they spiral toward the event horizon and make a desperate attempt to escape the crushing gravity of a black hole.

About the Book and Thanks

Thanks to all my readers who have been so supportive.

First Command was so successful, it was tough to come up with a worthy sequel. When the previous book left off, the characters were scattered, all embarking on careers in the Alliance Expeditionary Fleet. Bringing them back together for another adventure was a hurdle. But it’s been cleared.

This book was drafted multiple times, with many false starts. But now it’s been painstakingly forged and edited more times than I can count. When I (thought I) was done with it, it went off to my editor (shout out to Adria Laycraft), for multiple rounds of edits and fixes and finally a bunch more polishing passes. It has seen detailed edits from my advance reader team too – thanks so much.

And now, it’s finally ready.

Fractured Command is available now…
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